Patent Ratings

What’s in your portfolio?

The value of any given portfolio of patents cannot be measured by the quantity of patents alone. Rather the number of valuable patents within the portfolio determines its value. Therefore the valuation determination of a patent portfolio requires, as a first step, that each patent be valued accordingly.
Valuable patents are patents that provide substantial economic benefit to their owners. Our Patent Rating system is a quantitative approach that thoroughly analyzes each claim and rates each patent using a scale “A” through “D”; A-rated patents representing patents with the highest economic value, and D-rated patents as unlikely to have value.
Unlike other scoring techniques Pelent Patent Ratings are based on Commercial Value i.e. adoption or use in the market and Detectability – the ability to demonstrate evidence of use of a claimed invention. While Commercial Value and Detectability are widely accepted valuation criteria, the common practice is to hire technical and patent experts – a slow and error prone process. Our AI system draws on the knowledge base of thousands of patent and technical experts and known valuable patents, hence results are data driven, fast and accurate.
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