We were determined to find a better way

The problem

The practice of valuing patents is often not on the financial sector’s radar, let alone being carried out with any degree of competence! We wondered how one would go about discovering potentially undervalued patents – certainly this information would be extremely valuable to investors, analysts, company management as well as competitors. Unfortunately there is no easy solution, certainly no commercial tools exist to identify valuable portfolios or potentially undervalued companies.

Current solutions are costly and difficult

Current tools help to some extent but are generally costly and difficult to use. Making matters worse, patent valuation demands considerable manual effort and a specialized skill set, the work is arduous and time consuming. Searching the portfolios of thousands of patents would be extremely costly or completely unpractical. Hardly an attractive scenario for a potentially large community of users who could benefit significantly with a practical solution.

Finding a better way

We were determined to find a better way. We’ve re-invented the way to analyze portfolios and find valuable patents. Whether your goal requires portfolio valuation, discovering companies with valuable patents, or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or litigated – our tools provide unrivaled insights and are easy to use. Welcome to Pelent.