Does a patent portfolio have value?

Patent portfolio valuation is essential for any business especially for technology companies that hold significant portfolios

Our mission is simple – portfolio valuation and finding valuable patents

Sounds simple but it is hard to do. When portfolios grow to hundreds or thousands of patents the task becomes daunting. Owners and investors will often merely look at the size of the portfolio or rate of new filing applications as an indicator of value – an easy however flawed approach. The common practice then is to hire patent experts to glean meaningful information about the portfolio, but it is an arduous effort requiring significant time and  is error prone. We were determined to find a better way.
We’ve developed an AI system tailored specifically for patents and leverage the knowledge base of thousands of patent experts and known valuable patents. Results are data driven, fast and accurate. Portfolios can be of any size – the system thoroughly analyzes each patent and each patent claim. Whether your goal requires portfolio valuation, discovering companies with valuable patents, or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or litigated – we provide unrivaled insights that are easy to use.
Ready to find your valuable patents?