Does a patent portfolio have value?

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We’ve re-invented the way to analyze portfolios and find valuable patents. Whether your goal requires portfolio valuation, discovering companies with valuable patents, or determining the likelihood that a portfolio can be successfully licensed or litigated – our tools provide unrivaled insights and are easy to use.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Pelent’s portfolio analyzer evaluates each patent in the portfolio.

Results are displayed in a ‘portfolio layout’ highlighting the technologies covered by the portfolio, areas where valuable patents are located as well and the quantity of valuable patents. The portfolio analyzer provides results quickly and easily. See a preview of a portfolio layout we can create for you.
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Portfolio Analyzer

We use real-time business intelligence and patent data to accurately produce actionable data. The analyzer performs a statistical assessment of the value of individual patents based on characteristics that make them more or less likely to be detectable and commercially valuable. Our portfolio analyzer is one of kind, no other solution combines portfolio value metrics with patent analytics on a single platform.

Claim Analyzer

The claims are the most important part of a patent. They define what the patents cover and what will infringe, hence the value of the patent lies directly within the claims. The Claim Analyzer identifies and extracts each and every claim element automatically and accurately. It allows users to easily identify the important and valuable limitations of a patent.

Claim Chart Generator

The claim chart generator extracts every claim limitation and the results are synthesized into a ready-to-use MS Word format. Claims can then be applied in consideration of potentially infringing products.


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